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Roll 39

Ilford FP4 Plus 125
At the foot of Warden Hill.FSCONS 2008FSCONS 2008FSCONS 2008 openstreetmap workshop.FSCONS 2008 openstreetmap workshop. With arse-end view of Inge Wallin.David Cuartielles of Arduino fame at FSCONS 2008.We later decided not to keep to the modifications we made to the back door.Bill.Emberton Country Park in the snow.Ben leading in the snow.
								An image called d_39_20_800.jpgJoe digging.John, Joe and Andy digging the holes for a post-and-rail fence in New Bradwell, Milton Keynes.Andy blinking.Fencing in New Bradwell.Tony P's a blinker too.Andy shooting hoops.For all you know this shot went in.Ed and Trevor on Warden Hill.
								An image called d_39_35_800.jpgAndy not blinking.Taxman Chris making faces on demand.