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Roll 38

Ilford FP4 Plus 125
Great Stukeley SSSIDunc and George having tea.Sam in his usual position - about a metre away from a tool.Sam, George and Jim forking grass at Stukeley.Malcolm and rake.Elly.Sam filling Elly's bag.John T.Unexpected encounter at the River Festival.Fireworks at the River Festival.Bedford River Festival fireworks.Fireworks at River Festival.Roman Recreationist double-act at the River Festival.
								An image called d_38_17_800.jpgJohn A in photographic contemplation.Wigmore Park is on the end of Luton Airport runway.Cat B.Kiwi, one of Heather's new kittens.Tony H tackles the adventure playground during a lunchbreak....but he's not the only one....Tony H still wins on style though.Self, taken by John A.Bill and Helen (who is trying to out-photograph me).Ray at Stukeley.Bill and Jill.John P.