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Roll 35

Ilford FP4 Plus 125
Tony H and Che at Lidlington.Patrick at danish camp.Cycling whilst photographing turns out to be quite dangerous.Leaving Willington.
								An image called d_35_04_800.jpgPatrick outside Bedford's freshly firebombed cinema.Our newly resurrected Milton Keynes franken-boardwalk.
								An image called d_35_07_800.jpgFor your own amusement, compare with previous incarnation and note design flaws.Cambridge Botanical Gardens have some impressive trees.Tree again.Dragonfly.It took me a while to recognise this sandwich-faced yahoo.Joe pretending to be grumpy.
								An image called d_35_16_800.jpgBush Cricket.Stalking the clay pigeons.
								An image called d_35_27_800.jpg
								An image called d_35_33_800.jpgtxting thr m8s