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Roll 34

Ilford FP4 Plus 125
Suspicious Canadian in woods.Preening.Go for a wee, get lost forever.
								An image called d_34_03_800.jpg
								An image called d_34_05_800.jpgMale mute swan.Just be thankful for slow film.
								An image called d_34_08_800.jpg
								An image called d_34_09_800.jpgBenjamin OtteThe rain set in.The XO B3 being presented at LUGradio live.Matt Lee and his facial hair.Joe ShawBedZEDBedZED back alleys.
								An image called d_34_25_800.jpg
								An image called d_34_26_800.jpgThere is a massive cheat in this photo.Policy DirectorHead of IT.Inspecting contraptions.Hazel eating her lunch in front of north Bedfordshire.